Human Scan Data
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An Introduction

Welcome to Human Scan Data

Human Scan Data has been setup so that companies & individuals can purchase high quality Anthropometric data for commercial or academic use. The most used database of 3D scan data & demographics is the CAESAR Database. We sell a derivative of the CAESAR Database & as such is not subject to the licence restrictions of the oroginal CAESAR Database. We will be adding to our data collection in the coming few months & hopefully we will have the largest set of data available for licence free use. The 3D data set contains 3 distinct databases:- North America containing approximately 2,400 subjects. The Netherlands containing approximately 1,250 subjects Italy containing approximately 800 subjects. Each of the databases above contain 3D body scans with matching landmark files, 1D data measured using traditional techniques and measurements extracted from the scans & demographic information. The data meets standards of ISO, CAESAR North America and ANSUR.